Bio Green of Upstate NY Free Lawn Evaluation

Your Free Lawn Evaluation Includes:

  • Turf Type Identification
  • Turf Health Assessment  
  • Assess stressed areas • Weeds • Insects • Diseases


  • Tree and Shrub Identification
  • Turf and Shrub Health Assessment
  • Assess signs of stress • Nutrient deficiency • Insects • Disease


  • Flower and Landscape Plant Identification
  • Flower and Landscape Plant Health Assessment

After a complete evaluation, our lawn technician will review the lawn evaluation and discuss the service options available for caring for the nutritional and health needs of your lawn and landscape.

We will take a look at your lawn and landscape and provide a free estimate to take care of your property for the season providing peace of mind that your property is being handled by a family owned company that will give you what you’ve always wanted… The most beautiful lawn on the block with the lowest environmental impact.

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Bio Green of Upstate NY